Text box in libre draw

I’m running Libre Draw 6.4 and I’m trying to do something really simple: insert a text box in a document. According to the Help, I should begin by clicking on the icon of A in a box. But I see no such icon, though I do see an icon with a T in a box. I guessed that the T was the correct icon, though the discrepancy was worrisome; I don’t know what other discrepancies I’ll encounter. Do I have a versioning problem, perhaps?

You probably have the Breeze icon set loaded, Tools > Options > LibreOffice> View.

It is best to assume the help was made using the default Automatic (Colibre) icon set as below. The icon is the same Insert Text Box icon used in Help page (Fontwork is the F icon).

Ideally, the Help would give the menu method: Insert > Text box (F2). The icon for your current icon set is shown in the menu next to the text so no need to try and interpret different icons if you use the menu. Cheers, Al

Ideally, the Help would give the menu method: Insert > Text box (F2).

… which would be a reasonable useful issue - please file :slight_smile:

I have emailed documentation@global.libreoffice.org as it is a minor edit according to https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Documentation/Help . Thanks for the nudge. Cheers, Al

The icon "Framed letter ‘A’ " launches the Fontwork feature in my LO 6.4.7 version

(My LO uses the optional Galaxy Icon set extension).

The Textbox is a letter ‘T’.