text boxes values added & shown in cell?

Is it possible to have the values of text boxes shown in a single column cell?
I created a table with multiple columns. Three of these columns will have fillable text boxes to enter a number. At the far right I have a column with no text box. I would like to create a pdf fillable form where I can enter the number on the three different columns and have the added value shown on the last column to the right which will not be fillable or in other words will not have a text box in the cell when I create it.
Is such thing possible to do in LO writer?
I hope I was able to explain myself well. Please let me know if you need more details.
Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:

If your “form” contains no formatted text, Writer is not the best tool.

Considering your short description (a table of cells, some of which are entry fields), you should try with Calc. The whole spreadsheet can be “protected” except the entry cells, so that only these entry cells can be user-modified.

Such a spreadsheet (.ods) behaves exactly the same as a form. If it is not a “public” form but just one for your own use, it is much more practical.

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I am really new at this. how would a formatted text be?
I already finished my form in writer and frankly it has been a long way achieving what I now have, I don’t know if it would be a good idea to start all over in Calc. :frowning:
From the looks of it, it seems to be impossible to add number values of my three fillable text boxes and show the result of this sum in my last cell.
How about this, if I put a text box on that last cell and disable the fillable capability, would I be able to show the result of the added numbers from the other three text boxes?
I can share my file for a further reference of what I need if you want.

@Pii: you must be aware that in Writer you have “text” and “decoration” (text boxes, shapes, pictures, form controls, …). They live in separate spaces. There is, though, a very contorted way to retrieve content of some (rather rare) types of decoration but if you’re new, I won"t push in this direction.

A Calc spreadsheet is a rectangular table of cells. Cells can contain fixed text (the “labels” of your form), value (your entry fields) or formulas combining content of other cells (addition, multiplication, … and very sophisticated functions). You have a rectangular grid. You fill any cell you like leaving the others blank. To add contents of cells A3 and D2 into cell B4, you simply write in B4 =A3+D2. Very simple and straightforward. Automatically, B4 displays the result of the formula.

You should have a try.

That sounds like excel formulas which I know how to work with.
If I do this, will A3 and D2 be fillable when I export it to PDF for someone else to enter the required value?
Ultimately, that is what I intend to have, a fillable PDF form that someone else will be filling out.

Calc is the equivalent of Excel in the LO suite.

Don’t forget to “protect” the read-only cells, leaving only the modifiable ones. The latter will be tour “entrey fields”.

I have never tried yet to export a spreadsheet to PDF but it is possible. Experiment.

I’m thinking of something else. Is it possible to do formulas with Text Boxes? let’s say I have three text boxes. I want the value of TB1 & TB2 to show in TB3. TB1 & TB2 will be fillable and TB3 will just show the added value. Is that possible? if it isn’t then I’ll just drop it :frowning:

To the best of my knowledge, no because there is no way to retrieve drawing objects contents to use it somewhere else. This would need to associate a variable to the contents which Writer does not offer. And reciprocally, you would need to reintroduce a variable value into another drawing object.

The only workaround I am aware of is a tricky use of bookmark to grasp some drawing object text to be inserted with cross-reference in the main text flow. Anyway, this does not meet your requirement to do calculation with box content.

You didn’t give much description of your final goal. Given what you said until now, I consider your best current alternative is to go for Calc and build a spreadsheet.

Even if it’s with Calc the intention is the same.
I am going to try to explain it better. This will be a PDF form that will have fillable fields on a row for someone to enter numeric values. The result of these numeric values will be shown on another field at the end of the row. And that’s it.
Formulas like these are easily done with Calc & Excel but I need it in a fillable PDF.
Let me know if you need more details please and also what kind of details do you need please. I thank you very very much for your help.