text cursor appearance settings

My eyesight is getting poor, but I do not like using the Windows Magnifier or assistive technologies. The smallest thing on the screen is the text cursor for where text is next to be inserted. As such it is hard to see.

There should be some user adjustable settings to change its appearance to be:

a different style or shape,
a different height / width,
a different shadow size,
a different blink rate,
a different transparency or opaqueness,
a different color to distinguish itself from other screen elements,
and so on.

When will such a feature set be available so that I can better see the text cursor insertion point, or if the feature exists, how do I access such settings to permit me to more easily see the text cursor?

In the olden days of my younger self, the video was monochrome and under complete hardware control by a CRT controller.

The cursor on the screen would blink and be superimposed upon the next character position so that if the software was in insertion mode the character under the block cursor would be pushed further to the right or do a line wrapping operation to be on the next line, or if in overwrite mode, the character under the cursor position would be overwritten.

Mike Kaganski your method worked.

I had this setting adjusted in Windows 7 prior to upgrade to Windows 10, but 10 or one or more of its updates changed this back to default thickness of 1 pixel. The geek pages are of Windows 7 or 8, but now in Windows 10 these settings are 70% down a much bigger listing of settings. Thanks.

Windows start menu, Settings, Ease of Access, Other Options, Visual Options, Cursor thickness slider control, adjust slider for many pixels width / thickness text insertion cursor.

2017-12-15 Windows 10 Pro x64, Creator’s Edition. Version 1703, OS Build 15063.786

For me, after a restore of an image backup from 2016 done a week or more ago most of the ease of access settings were on one long page and you had to scroll way down the list of options to find this one.

There is so far no way to fix this in Linux. Modifications in Gnome CSS work in most programs in Linux, but LibreOffice does not recognize these mods. So we are stuck with an almost invisible text cursor :frowning:

There is no fix in MacOS either. I have visual processing issues, and can’t see near blinking cursors.

It is not a answer but a work around that I HAVE to use,

I set the LbreOffice window at full height but not full width, leaving a clear margin either side.

When I lose the cursor, far too easy to do in LibreOffice, I need only drag the mouse to the left or the right for Linux to show the cursor at the size I’ve set it with KDE, (in my case).

It is now a simple job to move the cursor to where I want it once I can see its start position.