Text Direction with CJK & Character Rotation

Version: 6.0.2

Using text directionality to put text top-to-bottom causes several issues:

  1. within a single font, some characters additionally get rotated while the rest of the font renders properly:

  1. mixing typefaces, get improperly aligned even when other characters from the same font file that have the exact same width (checked in Fontstruct) do not:

  1. certain typefaces get wholly rotated:

How can I align the misaligning individual characters? How can I rotate individual characters that get improperly rotated? Are there any additional solutions to these issues?

(edit: activated screenshots)

First, you should file the problems you find as bug reports to the project’s bug tracker. Without that step, any advise would be only a workaround at best.

@mikekaganski, the problem is that I don’t know whether any of this is a bug or not, and what I’m doing wrong. It might be that I’m inadvertedly doing something wrong.