Text document and spread sheet BUG AND MORE BUGS will not save to desktop!

I update Libre office because of the god awful bugs where everything opened was read only and you could not fix the problem.
Now with the “new” version nothing is saved to the desktop!
They just disappear and can only be found in “recent documents”
This include text and spreadsheets.
Then logging on here is also a task from hell and filled with bugs!
Should I just ditch Libre office as it seems like crap from top tp bottom…

Never had such bugs you describe.

Did you try to reset LibreOffice user profile? (LO-Wiki User Profile)

What system do you use (Linux, Apple, Windows …)?

Which version of LO do you use? (Help → About LibreOffice: Press the button to copy the content and insert it here)

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I am using windows 7 pro.
Latest version of LO
downloaded this week.

And: Did you try to reset LibreOffice user profile?

I don’t have the time to take to figure out how the hell to do that.
I just installed in and made no changes at all.
The very first time I used it… it did not save a copy to the desktop where I put it.
I expect newly installed SW to function properly.
Can you suggest another office suit other than Libre that I can try?
Thanks in advance.

Go to %APPDATA%\libreoffice\4.
Rename ‘4’ to ‘4old’.
The folder with it’s content will be created new.

Don’t know anything about problems for LibreOffice with Windows. I’m using OpenSUSE Linux. So I also don’t know anything about other Office software, because LibreOffice is installed by default with the first version of LibreOffice in OpenSUSE.

Thanks for trying.
The latest version is garbage IMHO.
They even trashed the interface to make it look like widows 10 which I avoid like the plague.