Text editor for Python

Hi experts,
I want to start programming macros in Python. Which text editor do you recommend?

Ask three Programmers and get seven answers :wink:
on Linux: small simple and effective: geany, thonny.
on windows: some variant of VSCode, Atom

my Favorite: not exactly a editor or IDE, but the best for exploring LibreOffice: Jupyter notebook

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Thanks! Will try.

Gnome’s default text editor has syntax highlighting for dozends of languages and proper Python indentation. That’s all I really need. If you were familiar with Emacs or Vim you would not ask because these programs perfectly support anything dealing with text.
On a naked Windows box with no code editor I use LibreOffice Writer to fix little things (mono font, no text language, nonprintable chars on)
On the office side you need MRI and APSO.

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@Villeroy: no offence, your perfektly right, but remember, you are litterally in the state “knowing the Api by heart” – so i want to say: If you never has tried “jupyter-notebook”, you should give it a shot!
I has started ~2014 with the Predecessor of “jupyter-notebook” and I was really amazed by its capability of <tab>completition exactly deep into the Object-hierachy of LO, driven by the python→uno-connection itself … NOT by some random guesses from already known pattern of Text above.
For example:
that alone reduce the need to call mri.inspect(…) significantly.