Text flow around/beside table

I have a Section Heading 2, a small table that’s quite happy taking up just half the width of the page, and a paragraph about the table. I want the paragraph text to flow around the table, initially side by side–if the paragraph ends up longer, then flow underneath, if shorter pull up the subsequent paragraph. I’ve followed the suggestions in “HELP - text flow around text tables”, but can’t get the table to take any less than the full width of the page. I’m not using, don’t want, hyphenation. Neither do I want two column text–I’ve got some full-width tables that would get messy.

I can get this to work with images and anchors.

TIA for your assistance.

You didn’t accept an answer.

I think the help topic is misleading. It is about “Set the text flow options for the text before and after the table.” as the first line of the help text states. I personally do not know a way to get text wrappining around (left / right …) a table directly.

I know, however, how to create the illusion: Insert the table into a frame. You may set the ‘Object’ > ‘Borders’ attributes like: 0 (zero) ‘Spacing to Content’, '‘Line Arrangement’ No Lines - and ‘Object’ > ‘Wrap’ as needed, among these settings ‘Spacing’ > ‘Left’ =0.
Don’t touch ‘Wrap’ from the frame’s context menu. Select there ‘Alignment’ > ‘Left’.
In ‘Object’ > ‘Type’ you set the width to half your page width …
You may still play around a bit. Choose ‘Height’ > ‘AotoSize’ e.g. and delete the empty paragraph below the table according to the answer by @cloph in this thread (the one marked correct there is not optimal).

See also this wiki page (“To wrap text around a table, place the table in a frame, and then wrap the text around the frame.”)

(BTW: I do no longer test with V4.4.0.3. Recent version is 5.2.3; V5.3.0 coming soon.)

It shouldn’t be this hard, or confusing!

(I build LFS, I’m not sure this system has all the prereqs.)

This may look confusing because i tried to get it complete. The basics are simple:
A text-table is not an object that can be anchored to the page. It comes with a paragraph. Therefore there cannot be textflow alongside the table. A frame is an object that can be anchored to the page … A frame may contain a table. Finished! Nothing complicated.
The complications arise from the fact that a new frame has some properties not specifically suited for inserted text-tables.

I tried to explain how to edit the relevant attributes of a frame to make it suitable for the inserted table. Another issue is the empty part of the paragraph the table belongs to. I therefore linked to another thread.
@paulrogers: Woul you mind to explain “LFS”?