Text Flow tab gone in on Linux

On previous installations/versions of LibreOffice Writer, my Paragraph dialog (in the Format menu or when modifying a Style) had a tab entitled Text Flow. The online documentation suggests this tab should still be there, but it is not there on my current installation ( from the Arch Linux repositories).

I need access to the “insert break before” feature, and I need to set it for all 500 instances of a given style in a 4MB document. Is this functionality still available to me?

I cannot reproduce your problem: I can see the Text Flow tab on both, direct formatting and paragraph style, and in both VCL plug-ins, GTK3 and KDE5. I tested vanilla on openSUSE Leap.

Ack, I now see it is only on one specific file that this and many other tabs are missing. It’s a file I’ve converted from Multimarkdown using Fletcher Penney’s tool to that end, so the root of the issue probably has to be sought in changes to version 6.x of Multimarkdown (I did not experience this issue with Multimarkdown 5.x). I’ll investigate; thanks @RGB-es!

The Text Flow tab, and many other tabs, only show up for certain page styles. Check in the status window at the bottom of the screen. In my particular case, the document had been generated using Multimarkdown, but recent changes to the syntax of that tool mean that it had generated an HTML file though I’d given it an .ODT extension. An unexpectedly low page count should be your first clue to this being the case, but if the page style field reads HTML, it may be time to rethink what filetype you are looking at.

I was able to resolve the issue by modifying my Multimarkdown syntax and generating a proper OpenDocument file. Now all the expected tabs show up.