Text in Calc cells not visible, while it is visible in Input Line

Running LibreOffice Version (Build ID: 58f22d5); Macmini i5, 8GB RAM, OS X 10.8.2

Some conflict with another application is causing all text in calc cells to be invisible. Changing font or background color does not help. Opening LibreOffice in a newly created test user does not have the problem. Running LO after a “safe boot” does not have this problem. Using NeoOffice 3.3 patch 2 in my regular user ID does not have this problem.

Java -version yields:
java version “1.6.0_37”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_37-b06-434-11M3909)
Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.12-b01-434, mixed mode

I recall this happened to OpenOffice about 2-3 years ago and I cannot find or recall the fix. Any suggestions? Thanks



i wou8ld try to search for cell where I can see what I type and link (=cell reference) to a cell where you don’ see what should be there. This will show you if the cell is not empty, Next make background white and use black font. Hopefully this leads to a solution… Good Luck

what I wrote goes into crtl+M direction

Row alignment might be hiding some content of some cells.
Try this. Select all cells in table or column, then click: Format | Alignment | Top.
Or try Bottom, if Top doesn’t work. Increasing row height may work better, to show all or most of the text.
A .csv text file imported from my financial account had most of one column showing blank cells, but clicking on the cells showed the text in the input line edit box. Saving to ODS didn’t help. The text did not show when I set the row height to “optimal” value of 0.18, but showed at height 0.40. Probably the cells have some characters that are causing them to be line-wrapped out of view. The text in the cells in my case was very long. When I realigned all the cells as Bottom some of them disappeared again. Character dump of some affected cells showed double-quotes and/or linefeeds in the cells.
My LibreOffice version:, Build ID: 430m0(Build:2), installed on my machine on 2019/02/08 as an update by Linux Mint Debian Edition.

Please try to rename the user-configuration folder and see whether that solves the problem.

i.e. rename /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/libreoffice/3

If it does help, the developers would be very happy if you could zip that folder and upload it to a bugreport (note that the user-profile can store some private data, like forexample your Name, Address, telephone number, in case you entered that in LibreOffice Preferences or paths to recently opened documents)

If that doesn’t help, then of course a first step would be to identify the additional program that causes the problems. Maybe a tool to customize the appearance of Mac OSX or some accessibility tool. Compare the list of running applications for your affected user-account, and that of the non-affected one, either using activity monitor or by running ps axu in a terminal.

(oh, and also please clarify whether all documents are affected and also occurs with newly created ones, or whether it is limited to a single, existing one)

Renamed /Users/…/LibreOffice/3 to …/3old. Started LO, it created a new default …/3; no help - still cannot see text in cell, although it shows up in the Input Line.

To clarify, all new spreadsheet files exhibit this problem as do all existing spreadsheet files. I created a new spreadsheet test file using NeoOffice. Text appeared in both cell and input line. Saved file to desktop, opened the test file with LO. Can see text in Input LIne, but not in cell.

Earlier, I looked at the environment using terminal in both a new test user and my regular user - this is result:
The java version is the same in both (java version “1.6.0_35”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_35-b10-428-11M3811), Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.10-b01-428, mixed mode),

but the env is slightly different. The entries with differences are noted below - those that are the same, are left out:

Test User
Charlies-Mac-mini2:~ test$ env

Charlie User
Charlies-Mac-mini2:~ charlie$ env







(Sorry about the line spacing under Charlie User - I copied the above from a note to java developer I know - he didn’t see anything important).

I can compile a difference in processes using the activity monitor - would that help/be useful? Thanks much for the suggestions/help


Can’t get text in cells to become visible. I am switching to NeoOffice as the solution. Thanks.

I’m having the same problem with Calc and Writer. No text shows in old or new documents. Was there ever a resolution to this?

Hi @Paul-ast (and @Captcharlie),

If you’re still running into this problem, and if installing the latest release doesn’t seem to fix this problem, please file a bug and provide a list of steps that can reproduce it. The QA team will be happy to help you track down this issue!

Please post a link to any bugs you file in a comment below using the format “fdo#123456”.