Text in rtf documents won't stay centered or justified when opened in LibreOffice

I have LibreOffice 5.0.1 and I mostly use Writer. I noticed that after updating any text that I center in my documents (which I save as an rtf file because that’s what I always used) won’t stay that way when the document is saved, closed then reopened. If I open the files in Wordpad or Microsoft office the text that was centered is shown that way but in LibreOffice, it doesn’t and is shown aligned left. Does my problem lie in LibreOffice not supporting alignment changes to rtf files or would it be something else entirely?

Hi sora_avalon

Try changing your practices a little. Saving as a RFT file is very useful for sending documents to multiple locations, and especially when you are not certain of the App that they will use to open the document. RFT is about as good a baseline document as you can get. However, it is not the native format for LO.


  • save all your working docs in native format (ODT for Writer).
  • to exchange with someone else (and you are not certain of the Apps that they use) save as RTF.

If your ODT centred-text does not display in the RTF (in LO) as centred, then report as a bug.

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