Text in SVG generated from impress not selectable anymore in browser

One of the big selling point of LibreOffice is the ability to generate SVG from presentations that can then be embedded in web pages.
This compares favourably to exporting as PNG where text is obviously not selectable due to the raster nature.

At least used to be in version which is the stock version in older Ubuntu/Mint LTS 18.4
I recently switched to the latest libre office release 40 and that does not work anymore.

How to reproduce:

  1. I still have one box in the older release

  2. Create a simple slide with just ‘slide’ in a text shape (tspan svg)

  3. Export to SVG either manually or convert-to headless

  4. Embed into as

    <object data="some url" type="image/svg+xml">msg</object>
  5. Display.

    Result: Word “slide” is selectable in the displayed page.

6/ Repeat same whole procedure with newer release, word “slide” is not selectable anymore.

Meld compare shows new javascript event catching and processing logic which I was not able to debug in chromium dev tools.