Text input changes to orange text and different input format - why and how do I change it back normal?

As I am typing sometimes I hit a wrong key combo around the enter key. Not sure what it is. It has happened a couple of times. Text input changes to orange with some strange vertical black lines at the beginning and the end of the lines. It is not overwrite or insert. I have no idea how to change the text input back to normal. Only solution has been to copy all the text into a new file and start again. That is OK if there is not too much text but I am trying to write a longer file and it is a significant problem.
Has anyone else come across this and would you know how to solve it returning text input to normal?


most probably you have activated Edit -> Track Changes -> [X] Record (inadvertently typed CTRL+SHIFT+C; not sure what is on macOS)

To deactivate:

  1. Accept existing changes Edit -> Track Changes ->Accept All
  2. Toggle option Edit -> Track Changes -> [ ] Record

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for that answer. Just using the key combo restores text input to normal. No wonder I could not find what I had done! :slight_smile: