Text is heading: how add it to alpha index?

Hello, a number of headings (as in “Heading 1”) in my document need also to be entries in the alphabetical index, but if some text is already defined as one of the “headings” then it appears that you can’t also use it as an index entry. Is there any way around this, other than typing in the heading a second time and declaring it to be “Index 1”? Thanks. Lanzcc

Heading n are collected automatically to go into the Table of contents (TOC). The trigger is the paragraph style.

There is no automation to collect index entries if you didn’t explicitly declare some part of the text as such. Consequently, if you want words from a heading (or a full heading) to go in an Alphabetical index, there is no way other than to mark the words (selecting them) and thenInsert>TOC & Index>Index Entry.

Collecting index entries is not based on paragraph style name!.

Paragraph style Index 1 is intended to format level-1 entries in the index table itself. Don’t use it on your Heading 1 paragraph lest it be removed from the TOC. And also, its formatting will be changed. You have no reason to use Index n in the typed part of your document. You only edit the style to change the appearance of the index.

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