Text is morphing when I zoom

This is really weird.

Look at this screenshot.
In the parts I circled in red, words have some letters replaced by random ones (even if you don’t speak french it should be noticeable), but I can still guess the meaning.

Now look at this one. I zoomed on the text (220%) and the circled part became even more corrupted, to the point it’s almost unreadable.

Finally, I zoom out a bit to 180% and this is what I get. The green title is now looking normal, but one letter (circled in red), which previously appeared fine, changed. The below part is still looking weird though. It looks exactly like that when I zoom in to 250%.

I precise that this is originally an odt file, not a docx I converted in odt or something.

What in the hell is happening ?

Please test modifying OpenGL options. Menu/Tools/options/LibreOffice/View

It appears to have fixed the issue ! Can you explain what was going on please ?

Maybe your graphicks card it’s not fully compatible with OpenGL, as it’s used by LibreOffice.

It’s a brand new GTX 1050TI, I seriously doubt it can’t even run OpenGL. But maybe it’s just not installed

Please test modifying OpenGL options. Menu/Tools/options/LibreOffice/View

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I also experienced a broken display of fonts (LO 6). Haphazardly I found out that the Soft scrolling (Weiches Scrollen) is responsible for that. Look in menu Extras/Optionen/Libreoffice Writer/Ansicht/Weiches Scrollen (sorry I have it in German). May be it will help you too.