Text manipulation in LO Calc


I spend a fair amount of time working with data strings in LibreOffice Calc. I have most often been successful in finding answers to questions by doing web searches, and have learned to use VLOOKUP, for example, to pull data from one sheet into another, how to truncate leading and trailing spaces in cells, how to do Find and Replace with Regex, etc.

I am writing this query to ask the community for suggestions for a book or a web site or sites where I can find more tips and tricks on using LibreOffice Calc with text strings? I am in essence looking for a source where I can find answers to the questions that I don’t yet know how to ask. And also for some Best Practices guidelines. Does this make sense?

Maybe someone working with Natural Language Processing with tokenization and lemmatization, and/or frequency studies has created cheat sheets and or Best Practices they would share?

Do you know? :

English documentation

Or use the help in LibreOffice or the online help:

The LibreOffice Help

I don’t think it is the best idea to do this in Calc. You may present results there, but the actual text-processing will be quite complicated. I’d suggest to use a toolkit for python or other programming languages. Actually I’d choose the toolkit, then learn the language, if necessary.
Using google I found for example nltk:

Python LibreOffice Programming Part 4: Calc as some resources and example that may intrest you.