Text not appearing in PDF export

I am using LibreOffice in Mac OS X 10.11.4. When I make a document in Writer and attempt to export it as a PDF, the resulting PDF does not have any text, only images. I have verified that there are no hidden text frames with the Navigator function. I have not found any reports of this bug happening for other users, and I am at a loss for what to try next. Any suggestions?

An update: this problem appears to be limited to one particular document that has a table full of images, but also text. This document prints fine from LibreOffice.

I’m not sure what I did differently this time, but I have successfully exported the document as a PDF, with the text intact.

I just checked. I have the same problem in my fax template. It uses sections" and tables. The tables arent the problem, i just checked that by copying it into an empty doc without sections. Thought it might be a copy protection, but it wasnt enabled and the problem persisted with “allow editing when write protected”. So id say, that this is some kind of bug or even a limitation. You may submit a but report using my description.

Best regards.

A work around is to exit then restart LibreOffice. If you export your PDF immediately after opening your document, the export works, and, yes, the text is there. This is definitely a bug, I could reproduce it with under OSX 10.11.6. After a few edits, the PDF export just shows blank where there should be text fields. I’ve tested this using a presentation (.odp).

I am literally brand new here and couldn’t figure out how to even view this to see if it had been answered. But my two cents is perhaps you were using a typeface that is unusual, not terribly common, and the PDF editor you were using couldn’t understand the text. Not sure that makes any sense at all.