Text on chart unable to remove

There is some text in the middle of the chart. Obviously I somehow put it there. It does not appear to be a text box as I cannot select it. When I go to edit mode the text disappears, and comes back when I exit edit mode. In format wall I’ve tried no transparency and 100% transparency. I’ve deleted the text from the spreadsheet.
What am I missing?

Which operating system and LibreOffice version do you use?
In which file format do you save?

Please provide a sample file where the problem is apparent.
You can upload it here. Thank you.

Libre Office Calc

Saved as .ods

The text is Bisopropol 2.5mg right in the centre of the chart

0DAILYxxxxx.ods (34 KB)

You can remove / change the text with a macro:

Sub Test
  ThisComponent.Sheets(0).Drawpage(0).SetString ""   ' or text
End Sub

How to do this through the user interface, alas, I do not know.

there is a bit of code in the content.xml.
What to do?
Rename the ods file to a zip file and open it. Copy the content.xml (extract it; only this file).
Open with Notepadqq (Linux) or Notepad++ (Windows) and search the text for part of the shown word (e.g. biso).
You will find a code snippet like this:

<loext:p text:style-name="P1">Bisoprolol 2.5</loext:p>

Erase this entire code snippet, save the file, copy the xml file into the zip file and in the end rename the zip file into the ods file again.


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You accidentally added text to the chart’s drawing frame, see Mysterious number "10" appears in centre of calc chart - #8 by erAck .


Thanks to all. erAck’s simple solution worked.