Text overflow to the right of the text column

Hi, as you can see on this image, suddently there is an overflow to the right of the text column. This appear to happen randomely and is very ugly when it is on the left column as it overflow over the right column.

As you can see it is not everywhere.

Could you help me understand this behavior ?

Operating system: Linux Mint 20.1 (based on ubuntu 20)
Writer version:

EDIT: actually I did manage to solve this by selecting all my text and click “clear formatting”. I also tried to change the font and the font size but it didn’t fix the problem

I understand it this way, you are using Writer and have created two columns.

In order to help you solve your problem, more information is needed.

  • What operating system and LibreOffice version are you using?
  • In which file format do you save your file?

To add information “Edit” your initial question. Thank you.

Do you have “Indent after text: [some negative value]” for those paragraphs that overflow?

Thx for your fast reply, I updated my question with additional informations

@mikekaganski how to check that value ?

how to check that value ?

Format|Paragraph; open Indents & Spacing tab.

That was it!! Thanks a lot @mikekaganski. Here the screenshot of the culprit https://i.imgur.com/duyZicm.png

@Hrbrgr: Why do you close a question for “right answer was accepted” where there wasn’t posted an answer at all? (Closing is anyway doubtable and deprecated by some experienced users. Accepting an answer is the relevant action.)
@mikekaganski: Would you consider to make your hint an answer?


Why do you close a question for “right answer was accepted”

The answer is in the commentar

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