Text rotated to 90 degrees within table will move to the beginning rather than a "next line" following Enter command.

Pardon me for the possibly confusing title, I’ll attach an image in order to compensate. (Slight note here, since I’m at <3 points on this forum I uploaded the picture on postimg.org -direct link: http://s18.postimg.org/qfeybzae1/CBDS.jpg)

Basically, in the phrase Common Bile Duct Surgery, I’m trying to get the Surgery part to move under Common Bile Duct in order to preserve table space. However, when pressing Enter the word Surgery in this example moves in the beginning of the text, as seen in the image. I actually managed to get it working in a previous table but in a totally random fashion… Therefore I tried comparing table and text properties but to no avail.
I’m guessing I missed something, but I’d appreciate the input of someone with an idea on the matter.


LibreOffice Writer and Windows versions:
Version: (x64)
Build ID: 5e3e00a007d9b3b6efb6797a8b8e57b51ab1f737
CPU Threads: 4; OS Version: Windows 6.19; UI Render: default;
Locale: en-US (en_US)