Text shifted, page break broken, no print preview

Something ‘magically’ happened to LibreOffice Writer and I haven’t been able to fix it.

Any new document starts with the entire writing area way to the right, beyond where the right margin should be, with the left part, where the text entry area should be, is just grey. If I choose View, Print Layout, then the whole screen becomes the text entry area, except for the menu bar, the tool bar and the grid lines top and left.

That’s not all. Page Preview is greyed out, page breaks are not in evidence and Ctl-Enter does not produce a hard page break.

I have no idea what I moused over to accomplish this. I use a laptop with a mouse pad, and am vexed by it, since one of my thumbs often touches the mouse pad accidentally and either moves the cursor or selects something I don’t want.

If I open a document that was created before all this happened, it behaves normally. By that I mean that the text entry area is centered, with grey all around it, and everything else is where I want it. Page Preview also works, as does the page break.

LibreOffice, Linux Mint on Ubuntu.

Question is duplicate of those here and here.

It sounds like the View Layout selection in the Status Bar may have changed. This is also accessible via View > Zoom > Zoom… > View Layout section.

That’s it, though it took me some time to find it. I had been looking in View on the menu bar. Your illustration made me look elsewhere. I finally found it in the little bar at the bottom, toward the right. Page breaks and Print Preview work normally now. Thanks!