Why do new Writer documents begin on the right-side of the screen?

Can someone tell me why my new documents in libreoffice-writer begin on the right side of the screen (I have to scroll over to get to my new document & page 2 goes clear over to the left & below, etc…) – it’s very annoying.

tried to attach a screenshot here, but was told I have to have “karma3”…

As far as I understand your description:

Menu View → Zoom... → View layout


ʘ Single page

instead of

ʘ Columns ☑ Book mode

See also → Page Alignment

Had the same problem- you the man!! LOL!

Still works as a solution, cheers

Thanks that worked for me too!
I’d +1 but not sure how to get points yet :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

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