Text Tearing in LibreOffice Writer

I have had text tearing (see image for examples) for several months. Is there anyway to resolve this? If I scroll far enough to get the text off screen and then scroll back, the tearing on that line will be fixed. I have already tried to un-check “anti-aliasing”, “hardware acceleration”, “screen font anti-aliasing (for Linux)” in the options menu.

Text Tearing Examples.png

I have combined multiple line examples together in the above attached image to give a clearer example for you. The actual tearing does not occur on every line, only occasionally and randomly.

This issue only occurs in Libreoffice and occurs under all circumstances. It occurs with an AMD GPU using open source drivers or a Nvidia GPU using proprietary drivers. It happens in different versions of Libreoffice ( and 5.1.4). It also occurs on different OS’s (Windows 7 and Linux Mint 18 Mate).

Thank You!

Try to switch off the Soft scrolling (Weiches Scrollen) is responsible for that. Look in menu Extras/Optionen/Libreoffice Writer/Ansicht/Weiches Scrollen (sorry I have it in German). May be it will help you too.