Text unsets and crashes in Persian , when type three dots or several dots

Hi There
I want to type in Persian and I set up LibreOffice Writer to work with persian , I use 5.2.2 version . When I want to type several dots as " etc " meaning , My text unsets and crashes as shown in below image :

also don’t tricked by theme ! I use windows 7 as my operating system

All helps will appreciated

I can’t reproduce the problem with LibreOffice Writer on Windows 7. I enable the Persian keyboard layout, switch it and randomly type in characters (I don’t know the language). Whenever I type one or several dots, nothing happens, I can keep on typing. Thus, it might be an issue with your version. Did you try to downgrade?

I had same problem on LibreOffice 5.2.0 , My windows hasn’t any problem , and no any problem on any text processor . Please type a text in persian ( with none graphical characters ) and then type three dots , If there isn’t bug , So I should download an old version

The three dots used to indicate missing text is called an ellipsis. It should have a space both before and after the the three dots. For example … to replace … You should not append the dots directly to an existing word but leave a space before and after.
Search for ellipsis to find a number of questions on this subject. You will find that autocorrect on some versions has an entry for ellipsis. You may be having a problem with autocorrect in your Persian version. You can try removing the entry to see whether it is this or the lack of blanks around the ellipsis which is the problem.

No , I type spaces between ellipsis and words ; I should try old versions