Text wrapping / line breaks not appearing in cell, text overlaps instead

When I try to use text wrapping or insert a line break, it’s reflected accurately in the formula bar, but the multiple lines will display overlapped within the cell itself. The size dimensions of the cell don’t seem to matter, Calc treats it as one line and the optimal row height will always set to 0".


overlapping text example

I guess it could be a corrupt user profile. In Calc, if you click Help > Restart in safe mode > Continue in safe mode does the same effect occur?

If it is OK then consider closing LibreOffice entirely, renaming your user folder to something like user_[YYYY-MM-DD], restarting LO, checking, and then copying back the folders you need. See LibreOffice user profile - The Document Foundation Wiki

Hey, thanks for responding! I was actually just about to edit in an update to this:

I’ve discovered that if I save the Calc file in certain file formats (.xlsx and .odf both seem to work, .csv does not) and then close and re-open the document, things work properly again. Seeing as restarting in safe mode and a fresh Calc file doesn’t fix it either, I’m wondering if this is a bug of some kind?

Have you restarted Windows? Click Start menu > Power > Restart, (Not Power Off as that defaults to Hibernate)
If no improvement, then try re-installing LibreOffice. Or in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features right click LibreOffice and select Repair.

Shared computer, so I haven’t had the opportunity yet. I’ll give that a shot when I can and then update.

Sorry for the delay. I was told the program became unusable for some reason and got re-installed, which fixed this issue as well. Thank you!