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Have just begun to create a simple spreadsheet.
I created a few simple headings then went back and altered one which became longer than the width of the column. The wrap text alignment appears correct as “off” since the text did not wrap. However I found that I could not auto-expand the column width as expected until I first turned on text wrapping and turned it off again.
This is not the first occasion on which I have had to do this - it was necessary in as well as the new release. While I can live with the need to do this I cannot give my students a logical reason for the behaviour.

I don’t know a feature/functionality “auto-expand”.
In what way did you try to trigger the “auto-expand”? Do you mean to set the option 'Optimal Width…" for the column? If so: This will also make columns narrower if applicable.

Cannot reproduce. I entered headings which were longer than the cells and then double-clicked on the column divider to autosize the column. Everything worked correctly without turning on text wrapping. Please provide more details to reproduce the problem, or a link to an example document. Tested with on Windows.

How does double-click on the right edge of the column heading¹ work?

  • If no cells are selected, it will adjust column width to display the entire contents of the cell with more data.
  • If multiple cells are selected, it will adjust the column width to display the entire contents of these cells.
  • If the selected cells are empty, column width will turn to the default width (2.26 cm or 0.89″).

¹ Also can choose menu Format - Columns - Optimal Width…

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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Not sure what you mean but I have established control over unruly cell sizes and overspilling text by various adjustments as below:
Select wherever you want text wrapped, a cell, row, column, or the whole page or document, then click the “wrap” button on the toolbar. It’s next to the three “align” buttons. You may now find at least two “sub issues”.
The cell and all cells in that row have been extended vertically to hold all the text. The solution is to force the row height back to the same as all the others by Format>Rows>Height and select required height or the default. Now you may find that when you narrow the column width only the bottom row oftext is displayed, that is, the last word or two and a blank to the end of the line. You probably want to see the first few words, so go to the Align (Top) button on the toolbar. If you don’t see what you want on the toolbar you have to go Select required>Format>Cells and in the window select the Align tab and work from there, where you can align and also select wrap in the properties section.