Thai character in the bracket have shift position problem

After I update latest version of libreoffice when I input Thai word in the bracket on Calc Application, it show shift position problem.

image description

You better share a file. A screenshot only shows that you have a problem but is useful in finding the cause.

Thank you I added the sample file link yet.

However, when I see it on Google Drive, it show correct position.

Indeed, it looks fine in a browser window. However, there is no download option to see the very file. Just for the record: I have copied the contents of your file to a new spreadsheet in LibreOffice Calc, and it looks fine to me (although I don’t really know the Thai language and script). I tried to change the font, it is still fine. Thus, a usual suspect: you don’t have a proper font with Thai characters in your system.

Before update version (5.2.2) I can use it normally this problem just debut after update.

For me updating to helped. (But I am on Win XP SP3)

Changing the OpenGL setting under Tools/Options/View might help you, but I recommend to update anyway.