The automatic download of the update is currently not available

I don’t know why I’m still getting this notice:

I searched Google for the error again and the first result was a thread here from 2012 saying it was already implemented… 10 years ago! How much progress have we made on this anyway?

I get the update prompt icon at the top right of my Mac (Monterey), a little globe icon with a down-arrow; I hover over it and it says “LibreOffice update available. Click the icon for more information”. I click it and get the pop-up above. I have to click the Download button to get sent to the website to manually download and install it :man_facepalming: Why?!

If it’s gonna tell me that automatic download is unavailable, at least have it state WHY.

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Your 7.2.7 is the latest version of the stable branch which is one minor version behind but still tested, updated and distributed. 7.3.4 exists but that belongs to the “fresh” branch for the brave users. Your version will either upgrade to 7.2.8 or to 7.3.x when the fresh branch reaches level 7.4.
You can keep the automatic upgrades on the stable branch or upgrade manually to the fresh branch.

Because it’s not implemented.

What does this mean? The “technology enthusiast” version mentioned on the Download page? ( > Download → Download LibreOffice, or Download LibreOffice | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft)

This is nonsensical. If I’m using the “stable” version, I shouldn’t be told there’s an update for the “technology enthusiast” version (which I’m gonna call the “beta” version, not the “fresh” version). That’s for the “early adopter” or “power user”, which I don’t want to be with LibreOffice. The update prompts do not mention which “type” it’s for (beta or stable)… this is insane.

I installed initially the “stable” version… the older one that’s been tested for longer. If I’d known the prompts were trying to install the “beta” version I would have declined it and looked for how to turn off the prompts for that.

I only want update prompts for the stable version. How do I do that? No wonder this is such a problem… it can’t to update something that I don’t want anyway which isn’t even telling me it’s a type switch. Is the LibreOffice team trying to fool users into switching to the beta version after they’ve installed the stable version?

At the very least the update should SPECIFY that it’s the beta version not the same type we installed. Also please tell me how to disable auto-update prompts to the beta versions… geez louis what an overly-complicated mess this is already. Now I have to downgrade because I prefer stability to the latest and greatest features that haven’t been tested for long.

Another one claiming things that are simply not true. Ok, Humpty Dumpty style is so attractive…

You can call it what you want, but a download meant for “technology enthusiast, early adopter or power user” version is effectively a “beta” compared to a version labeled “has been tested for longer”, which matches how “stable” versions are described…

You can call a prototype a mainstream tool all you want, but it’s still gonna behave like a prototype.

You missed the point; I wasn’t asking someone here to tell me why, I was saying the prompt should state why.

Are you able to pass that up to the developers, or is it pointless pointing these things out here?

Didn’t you read the notice? It says an update is available.

As a courtesy* it also says there isn’t an automatic download so if you want to upgrade you have to implement it manually.

*courtesy COURTESY | meaning, definition in Cambridge English Dictionary

You missed the point: when you use a site, it’s expected that you know its proper usage.

You post something on this Ask site, so you definitely want someone to tell you why.

Personally I think that the very idea that if it tells you something, then it must also tell you something else, is absurd. Well, you had that “why” question. You demand that from the dialog. OK, let’s add the “because it is not implemented” there. Now another one immediately wants “when it is expected”, or “who is responsible”, or whatever other questions could come in mind…

And the existence of the “it isn’t available” itself is exactly because users keep seeking the function there, so that is to help them realize it’s not useful to look for it.

However, to not create an impression that the unavailability of the automatic thing is something transient, e.g. some network problem, the wording could be improved.

Really? You know how to properly use every site you visit when you visit it? Every site is different, behaves its own way, and has its own purpose. No way can anyone already know how to properly use every site they visit the first time. What a strange conjecture.

Re-reading my original post (OP), I stated that I didn’t know why I was getting the update prompt that said “The automatic download of the update is currently not available.” I also stated “If it’s gonna tell me that automatic download is unavailable, at least have it state WHY.” The first “why” was addressed… the second “why” was just a suggestion to state on the prompt why the update couldn’t be automatically downloaded. I later reiterated the suggestion.

So instead of getting caught up in little details swirling around, be constructive and pass the suggestion up to the developers or just state that you can’t.

There is a Help button, click it.

You’re gonna have to be a little more specific than that considering what you’re replying to.