*The Case of Missing OLE Objects*

Hello all,

Yesterday, I painstakingly embedded around 20 OLE objects into a sheet and saved the file at the end of the day. This morning, I opened the file and all of the OLE Objects are not only not visible, upon using Navigation on the cells in question they appear to be not there at all.

I saved the spreadsheet as an .xlsx, and the embedded text documents as .docx files. Any and all help is appreciated!


Having exactly the same issue. If I save it as an .xls file, everything is embedded and the file is 11,042KB.

If I save it as .xlsx then nothing is there and it is 123KB.

I am trying to submit to an organization that claims that they can ‘only open .xlsx files.’ (I know… its crap, but you can’t fight the government…)


@lordnorth that needs a bug report, with a sample document (e.g., ODS or XLS) with embeddings, which, upon saving as XLSX, drops the objects.