The connection to the external data source could not be established. No SDBC driver was found for the URL

That old chestnut again. I haven’t changed anything so why is it now broken?

I am running LibreOffice on Windows 10 and trying to connect to my mysql databases using the mysql-connector-ooo-oxt. Been working fine until I think the database was not shutdown properly. I have rebooted and MySQL Workbench connects fine, it is just LibreOffice which is reporting the above referenced error.

I tried installing the latest jre-8u92 but it made no difference. I have run out of ideas.

Your help would be much appreciated

I have solved the problem of no SDBC driver. I upgraded to version 5.0.6 of LibreOffice and installed the extension
a00-my-sdbc-1.2.0-windows-x86.oxt from and that has done the trick. It seems to be faster too but I have no way of proving that.