The data content could not be updated - Converstion Error From String

I am getting the following error when trying to load a form, with a subform and filter it.

It worked previously, but since migrating to firebird there is an issue.

It is trying to filter the form that is being loaded on a field where JC1364 is the first record that is not a number, but I can’t work out why it is trying to convert it to anything but a string.

firebird_sdbc error:
*conversion error from string “JC1364”
caused by

I have attached the database as I don’t feel I have explained it well. The error occurs when on the Job_Listing form and pressing the View Job button.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

ProductionDatabase.odb (148.9 KB)


There are multiple issues with your Base file. Have not resolved all but got some working.

The error was correct. In Sub Load_Job_Detail() you obtained the selection with iJobID = oObj1.getCurrentValue() which gets a numeric value. Replaced with iJobID = oObj1.Text.

Another issue is the filter. In Sub JobDetailFormAtRecord() replaced sSelect = "( Job_Number = " & iJobID & " )" with sSelect = "("" Job_Number"" = '" & iJobID & "' )" as that dealt with a numeric and the field name was not surrounded with double quotes. Same Sub, Rem’ed two lines for sub form. Creates issue.

Had other issues with Job_Detail form. Original is copied as Job_Detail1. You will need to investigate all the sub forms there as there is/are more issues.

Semi-fixed sample —
ProductionDatabase1.odb (160.7 KB)

Thank you. Can you give a quick idea what were the changes for the JobDetail form, so I know what to look for to fix on other forms!

Actually did not change the form. It can go back to the original with the same result. Did remark out two lines in Sub JobDetailFormAtRecord() which were the cause of errors.

Have removed those remarks and add in a sub form reload. Now the error is regarding a problem with query Query_Total_Job_Costing. Have not de-bugged this as there are a number of other queries involved. I also have not analyzed all you are attempting to do in this project.

Most often with my experience in this type of problem was switching queries to views. This may help. If further problems, ask as a new question and provide a description of the process.

Edit 2021-09-17:

Have fixed the query problems. Combined a couple and changed Job_Number to JN in Query_Total_Job_Costing (changed on form also). All seems OK - at least displays and no errors.

Sample ----
ProductionDatabase3.odb (148.2 KB)

No response here? Is this all OK now?