The dictionary does not work with Greek capital letters

Dictionary works when I use punctuation (H’ELLEN instead of HELLEN) but thats not convenient at all. Any ideas?

What is “The dictionary”? in what sense doesn’t it work? does if crash program? or show an error? or doesn’t do something that you expect? How can one reproduce anything given your description?

I am sorry for that poor description. My English are low level. So let me try again. I have downloaded a Greek dictionary for spell check but when i write in capital letters it underlines the word like it was mistaken spelled. But when I use acute accent it is ok. In capital letters though the acute accent is not convenient. Is that beter? Sorry again.

Ok, that’s better; let’s move on.

I have downloaded a Greek dictionary for spell check

Please post a link here from which has you downloaded the dictionary.
The first one: Orthos - Greek speller etc is the one I downloaded. Thank you so very much for you time!

Great! Now please note that the Orthos dictionary is third-party extension, that has its own homepage (mentioned on its extension page). I suppose that you might need to post your question there, because if the dictionary doesn’t correctly detect word forms, that most possibly is the dictionary bug.

Please inform here on further progress, so that others could benefit from this.

I vaguely remember that back in the times of OOo 1.x some people complained about a similar (or the same) problem with Greek and the only way to solve it was to add three variants of a word (i. e. all letters small, all letters capitalized and first letter capitalized) to the word list. Perhaps, this problem still persists. However, the respective word may be merely missing in the word list. As Mike says, ask the developers.