The documentation about how .odg xml is structured by LO.

I edited and tried understand how .odg files works more specifically for .fodg (the raw xml), to create a book with some data that I have. I succeeded using python xml ET, some bulk data are more easy to manipulate by a script.
Of course, I know that is a Open Document and self evidently uses OD normatives, but I am ignorant how the overall things works specifically in libre, how they name attributes or even tags, and how that is created in LO.
The lack of a good raster image framework, specifically in python, to create some simple shapes and text, so I finded that edit OD files to create a simple python framework to draw all that interesting, y know, non-destructible files that will can use to post edit in LO, and export how you want.
Certainly, I will not recreate all the features, but I want to do the simple shapes and text boxes, and all that in a LO open file. I was thinking maybe make some of that in svg files too, so anyway. But I think the LO can be more useful and fast.
In short, if anyone can point me to the LO documentation about that or give a some idea, thank you very much.

“Specifically in libre” we follow “OD normatives”.

Oh, yes, sorry, I completely ignored that, I am just learning how things works, so ye, that’s right, but I was thinking that maybe LO and other programs that uses OD can have some extensible or some exclusive things like naming tags and attrib, but reading through the OASIS OD doc the peaces are coming together, and becoming more clear that is not the case. Thank you.