The download stops time and again at a certain point.

Hi there -

I had your Libre Office version on my computer (Windows 8.1 and Google Chrome) and was happily working on a paper, when a message came up telling me a new version was available (6.5?) and whether I wanted to download it. Of course I said yes, and the download process started. What I did not realise is that the older version would be removed from my computer, nor did I anticipate that the download would stall at the point where one is informed that Libre Office is being installed on one’s PC! The green on the progress bar gets to about one-tenth from the left, and then it stalls.
I have tried to install it 5 times, and this happens every time. Then I tried to re-install the Libre Office version that I had on my PC, and the same thing happens!
What can I do to install it successfully? I did it before, but this time I don’t get further than this point!

Bert Olivier.


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