The English characters are recognized as Asian characters unless a line is broken.

Hi I’m new here and I’m using LibreOffice Calc 6.3.2 x64 running in Windows 10.

I guess it could be in a same case of this question, as I found out that they exactly have same problem & workaround with mine, except that mine is recognizing English characters as Asian characters, even for opening the attached sheet file on their question (Though I see no problem for Chinese characters but Western characters).

Here is the details about the possible glitch.

The GIF examples:



A sample sheet

The other things I had tried but doesn’t work:

  • Removing formatting via CTRL+M (Same as the mentioned question)
  • Pasting a non-formatted plain texts, or cutting the existing text then undo it. either of it works fine UNLESS it gets edited. (Same as the mentioned question)
  • Editing, saving then reopening may fix the formatting, but it doesn’t fix some glitched cells. (Same as the mentioned question)
  • Switching two different input methods; I used the Korean for the first gif and Japanese for the second gif. As you can see them, neither of these worked.

Another notes:

  • I have installed both Malgun Gothic and Roboto fonts in my Windows before reproducing the glitch for getting example images.
  • The cell above the “This is when it recognizes Asian characters as West characters” in an image about the details DOES NOT have same font formatting with others. I set it its own unique font setting on it (setting Asian font as “Roboto Black”), so I can show you for the case of which if the Asian characters were recognized as Western characters.

+ Update (Nov. 1st 2019): It still occurs at version 6.3.3 too.

Update (Nov. 1st 2019): It still occurs at version 6.3.3 too.

Is there a reason to expect it resolved? Is there a bug report you are tracking? If there is, please mention the link here.

@mikekaganski I may wrongly get what you’re saying, but I think there’s no way to be resolved at least in said version, thus I believe it still is an ongoing bug. And I’m not sure what kind of link I should mention here, since I just had updated the note regarding that the Libreoffice Calc 6.3.3 still causes the said bug, and the version I got is from this.


I wrote that, because you describe here something that is a bug, and that should be reported to developers first to allow them to act on this - this is the very first thing to start waiting for a possible fix in some future version. Without reporting a bug, this your writing is just a dead article, which doesn’t trigger any action. So I was hoping that you either have found the relevant bug report and track its status, or have reported it yourself, because you have read the site’s rules and know that bug reports are off-topic here.

@mikekaganski Oof, I see, here is my bug report: