The font setting is up to 130% (of what? 5pt?)

Grey background, narrow font and tiny size are almost invisible. Why not a real font size setting which is done in Writer and Calc? Or have it follow the desktop settings.
The max is less than 11 for Ariel in Calc.

That does not follow any accessibility guidelines.

You forgot to mention what program you are complaining about. Is it related to LibreOffice in some way? Also please give us more information, your operating system, where did you get that document from, a screenshot or anything. Glad to hear that at least Writer and Calc seem to work fine :slight_smile:

I’ll go ahead and assume your question is about LibreOffice.

Several paragraph styles are automatically set based, for example, on the “Predetermined” and on the “Heading” paragraph styles. The latter are called “parent styles” and the ones based on them are called “linked styles”.

For example, my “Heading” paragraph style is configured to “Liberation Sans” 14pt (see image, below)

Click on the image to see a full resolution version

As a consequence, “Heading 1” (a paragraph style linked to “Heading”) is configured to use font “Liberation Sans” bold and 115% the size of “Heading” (see image, below).

Click on the image to see a full resolution version

Similar variations occur to other linked styles, such as “Heading 2”, “Heading 3”, etc.

If you want to set a specific font size instead of letting LibreOffice to set a percentage, simply type a number followed by pt (e.g., 14pt) in the box under “Size”; it will automatically change from percentage to size in points.

Anyone who doesn’t know how to get there, or wants more information, please read Chapter 7 (Working with Styles) of the LibreOffice Writer Guide.

This was about the menues, primarily in Calc, but the same in all of LibreOffice. the fons inside are fine, but I can’t read the menues, even with reading glasses. That’s wy I ask if the default font setting is 5pt. There is not point size setting for them, which makes it a disaster. I have to rely on what I remember the menu lists to have been in the past.

And it does not take on the settings in KDE4 for menues.

Take a look at Tools → Settings → View (from the left) → Scaling and set it to something like 200% or 300% (or whatever satisfies you, for me 105% is just fine).

Are you using one of those Retina displays on Mac?