The forum's front page does not help one to see how one can post questions in English

When I visit, the categories that I see comprises various non-English categories together with a ‘site-feedback’ category. (I am using that last category now.) Are posts in English uncategorized? Either way, the front page confuses.

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There is an #english category too.

So there is. I found that English category when I went to make a post. I did not see it - it was not visible at the page that I linked. Or so I thought: just now I checked again (on a computer with a bigger screen) and I found it. Still, the attendant text (the text adjacent to the heading ‘English’) does not help one to get one’s bearings. For, the text reads: ’ This is intended to help you use this website. There will be additions to this website as we go along. Bring a positive spirit to your posts, and thank you.’ Surely better would be something along the lines of: ‘Here is the part of the forum that is in English.’