Category organisation and first impression for users visiting

When users first open they see a list of languages of which in almost all cases only 1 or 2 are relevant for them.

The most used language (english) is listed in 9th position.

This is not user friendly and inconvenient to navigate. Some examples where users were confused by this structure are:

With 58,1k posts english is by far the most frequent used language.

To be more welcoming, less confusing and provide better UX to users I thus suggest:

  • only list 5 languages sorted by relevance (number of posts in that language category) along with the site feedback category
  • move all other languages to a sub-category and list that as “Other Languages”

Not sure if this is possible, since nested categories are a discourse enterprise feature only as per Nesting categories in three levels - #19 by Cécile_Savoie - support - Discourse Meta but it would help to make this site more usable.

I contribute in more than one of the “less relevant” language categories. So, when scrolling down, for me it is better to see them all.
I have no problem with the English category at the top. But it could help that the other categories appear sorted by its published name (i.e., Euskara), not its internal name (i.e., basque).