The Function Match in libreCalc behaves not like Excel

The Funktion is: =MATCH(1;B1:B15)
Excel Outputs 8, libreCalc 15. I don’t know which one is the right behaviour.
Export as xls or opening the ods in Excel does not change anything.

LibreOffice V5.3.0.3
Excel: 16.0.4498.1000

Well, if you omit the third argument, then 1 is implied. Then, according to both LibreOffice help and Excel help, the array is assumed to be in ascending order.

Your data doesn’t conform to this (it’s requirement in case of Excel) - it’s not sorted in ascending order; so on a non-conformant data, you shouldn’t expect exactly same “undefined behavior”.

Adding the third argument does not change the whole behaviour.

So your point is, that my data does not fit the function and thats the reason for my strange results.
It feels like, I am using the wrong function for my Situation.

I just wanted the lowest Cell where an 1 is inserted, on libreCalc Match worked that way.