The highlight background button on the top bar is gone and I cannot get it back

I am trying to highlight cells and I have done it before but this time I am having a lot of trouble. I highlight the cell I want to change the color of and click the down arrow next to the highlight background button, pick a color and nothing happens. Searching around, I found the section that has a list of the buttons for the top toolbar and click on the highlight background button and it disappears from the top toolbar. For the life of me I can’t find the list of buttons.
I noticed the highlight background button showed up on a bottom toolbar that was not there before and it works but just once. Then that button disappears. I have to click in and out of edit mode to get the button to show up again.
I just upgraded to the latest version.

‘Formatting’ toolbar, I think it’s enable by default, can be selected on Menu/View/Toolbars.

To edit the buttons on the toolbars use Menu/Tools/Customize.

Thank you. I also did not notice in the customize screen that I had to select the “Formatting” in the toolbar drop down menu. Got it fixed.

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