The image field property [longvarbinary]

Keeps loosing its count ie returning zero instead of 2147483647 and locking the table/form Help please


Kindly provide some additional information:

OS, specific LIbreOffice version, database being used, what the field is used for and what is meant by ‘locking table/form’ - ie: what are you doing?

LO 6.3 it is an image field of a table used as an Image control on both table and from for data (image) entry. It was working fine when built but as several images were loaded it stopped showing Records for update. On investigation I found that the ‘count’ area of the field properties of the table dropped to 0 instead of 2147483647. This leaving the Table without any entries.


Will make an educated guess here that you are using an HSQLDB embedded database.

This itself is not recommended to store images as it is prone to data loss with large amounts of data (images being the easiest to do this). Have, in past, hardly been able to insert very many images before a crash.

Now it appears there is a new bug with this field type. Do not know what version this started with but can verify that it is a problem. Don’t see any reports on this so you should file one here → Bugzilla

Either use linked images (works without problem in HSQLDB embedded) or use a different database with BLOB field type.