The images move

I use Calc to process some datas and explain the results with some images added on a sheet of the same file Calc.
The Pc is with Windows 10 and LibreOffice 7.0.3 but no matter because the problem remains.
I saved the file in native format .ods .
If I open the file in some pc (no all) without do anything else, the images are moved even if them are anchores to the cells and position is locked.
Can anyone explain why this behavior happen?

Because you didn’t save as .ods, but used a foreign format?

I saved the file in native format .ods .

In that case it might be tdf#79538

It is similar, but it introduces some other variables like to export to pdf or printing. I speak to open the .ods itself in an other pc with the same operative system (Windows 10) and also, but no matter, same version of LO (7.0.3 in my case), instead.

It is possible to post an example of this file, edit your question and use the clip icon to attach.

Sorry for my long silence. The problem is not solved, neither yet with LibreOffice and with other new files. But I can not spread them. I have however noticed that passing the file between pc with different monitor resolution eg. 1920x1200 to 1920x1080 or to 4k the positions of the images change and the final print also if I don’t arranged again the document!
Another thing, I must to insert images with the right dimensions and orientation (and not calibrate inside Calc with image’s tools) because if I open with another pc with different monitor resolution those images loose their settings!