The intonation system in Greek doesn't work always

The intonation system in Greek doesn’t work always. Why? Is it affected from some factor?
I don’t know how to be more specific on this. Take as example the letter " i " in English. It automaticly receives an intonatiion on the top of it.
In Greek language we are adding this intonation marks manualy as we type the script. But it doesn’t always work flawlessly.
For example: I pasted a small English text on the top of the page on a new Writer file in order to translate it. As soon as I started writting I noticed the the problem. I swiched to English and back to Greek again. But nothing. I closed the file and started a new document. This time I had the original English text on a seperate window in Firefox in my gmail and started typing to translate the copy. I thought I solved the problem but after a couple of lines I managed to type the error appeared again.

I opened kmail and started typing my translation there. Thankfully it worked… this time. Because some other times the error affects the mail client and the browser too.

Here is an example of a Greek text with the intonation:

Γεια σας κι ευχαριστούμε για τη συμμετοχή σας.
Σας καλωσορίζω στην πρώτη μας επαφή από τη σειρά που έχει τον τίτλο: “Εξυπηρέτηση πελάτη, σε πραγματικές συνθήκες”.

The same copy nοw with the error:

Γεια σας κι ευχαριστουμε για τη συμμετοχη σας.
Σας καλωσοριζω στην πρωτη μας επαφη από τη σειρα που εχει τον τιτλο: " Εξυπηρετηση πελατη, σε πραγματικες συνθηκες".

You don’t have to speak Greek to tell the difference. Just take a closer look and compare. It is obvious.

Any idea of what is going on?
I’ look forward to hear from you

Best regards

Thanks for your question. Can you additionally provide a clearer case (using a single character e.g., ύ and υ) to indicate: (a) the exact key strokes used for entry; (b) the language indicated in the status bar; (c) LO version.

Related bug fdo#82787 was RESOLVED as INVALID because the problem was described as affecting applications other than LO i.e., a problem with the operating system, rather than a problem specific to LO.