The language "Assami" should read "Assamese"

I downloaded LibreOffice 4.1 yesterday and was surprised to see one mistake in LibreOffice writer. When I began typing in my mother tongue (which is Assamese), the language bar below the writer showed ‘Assami’. It is an insult to our language. None of the other indic languages have been named wrong in libreOffice writer. More about Assamese language can be found here: Assamese language - Wikipedia. I request your community to correct the mistake in the next version of LibreOffice. The contributors should also be cautious in the future not letting such mistake to creep in such an wonderful software. Thank you.

It is fine to be proud of your mother tongue (I am of mine), but have you read what you have written? IMHO Instead of being grateful to an open source project, with which you can write in your own language, you are who is insulting here. Maybe you are right about the mistake, but please a bit humility, and another please, open your mind, rethink about it and begin again. (

Thank you. I submitted a bug report: fdo#68795.

Can you please post the bug number here, so other people interested in this problem can find problem in bug tracker.

@gitartha, thanks for reporting the bug. I have confirmed it and provided screenshots showing the problem, which goes back to at least the v3.5 series. Hopefully it will be an EasyHack.

Assuming that the spelling error is in the English representation of the Assamese script, I can confirm that the en-GB spellchecker contains both Assamese and Assam with capital letter. assami is flagged as a spelling error with Assam as the suggested correction.

The patched have been done in a no usual short time.;a=commitdiff;h=b81d16d79990dccf263367356826a30f23439367. i hope the name language it is not a disputed question.

Thanks for the Unicode / dictionary comments and change link. It is interesting that the variable name used the correct spelling. Would seem to be a small but important improvement to the I18n / L10n of LO.

As I see from bug tracker fix was submitted to master so v4.2 which will be released in last week of Jan 2014, see release plan:

Currently there is no fix for v4.1.x. Don’t know if fix for v4.1.x is still coming or developers decided that fix is not such of importance to be included in current stable version.

@gitartha, if you really need this fix as soon as possible, then please politely ask in bug tracker if they could provide fix for current stable v4.1. But you should do this as soon as possible, because this week is code freeze for v4.1.2.

@gitartha - It seems to me that the word “Assami” insulted your feelings. I have to say I am not an expert of your language, but just want to point out the possibility that in a different language the names of languages change. Could it be that “Assami” is a proper name for your language in a language you are not aware of? Please give this possibility a thought.

My mother tongue is different in almost any language I know and completely different to the word in my mother tongue. Why should I feel insulted???

Please also keep in mind that LibreOffice is an excellent office suit made by volunteers from around the world, thus created by people with different mother tongues. I personally do appreciate the work of these volunteers a lot including the fact that LibreOffice is available at not cost. If these great volunteers make a mistake in one of the languages I am using, I just write a bug report and it will be solved as soon as a volunteer is available to write a correction.

If it does display as you indicate, then this would appear to be a mistake. @gitartha could you please contact the Localisation team for LO and convey this problem to them? Please indicate your operating system and specific version (presumably v4.1.0.4). Thanks.