The password is incorrect

unable to open file created with a password Is there any solution to a forgotten p/word

No, there is none. Just try to remember the password.

Well, if you remember some peculiarities of the password, and it is not long, you may be able to generate some thousand passwords to check with a certain chance that the correct one is anong the candidates.
You then can enter the list into a column of a spreadsheet e.g, and check each entry calling a few lines of user code.

If you want to try such code, please answer. However, I have no matured means to help you generate the list from some assumptions based on fragments from your memory.

I have tried to do this but have exhausted my list Thanks anyway
Ive also tried an open office password recovery utility
No worries I have to re do the files and take the or find the pics I used again

Quoting @peegiddy: “…also tried an open office password recovery utility…”
What utulity? (Where did you get it?)

The one I tried is I tried the evaluation version its called open office password recovery

What did that software ask you (concerning debris from the forgotten password)?
What did it report concerning the failed attempts?
The software does not expressly claim to attack the encryption of a document. Well internal “protection” of parts of a document is weak and easily removable.
Probably they only handle internal protection and don’t worry at all about encryption which is a completely different thing.

I simply let the program “attack” thge file I am fairly certain I know the first 4 digits so I did another un with those but to no avail It was only the evaluation version and it ended asking or saying the paid for pro version should or could make a difference Ive now uninstalled it

Let’s assume you know a part. The relevant thing is what comes then:
2 additional unknown digits acount for just 100 possible PW. That’s very easy to test.
Assume you know “3 unknown digits and 2 unknown latin letters in an unknown order”. This makes about 70 000 000 000 PW to check.
On my computer it would need up to 2200 years.
Just “attacking” without any knowledge about the PW won’t work. (Except you know a backdoor?)

So you are really saying this is not a viable option to find the missing letter(s)
I’ll need to rebuild the files but can’t find most of the pics I used so I will have to re take those APIA
I know the first part and the rest has to do with the file name BUT i have tried various with the use of a text file with and without caps etc All to no avail
Thanks for your input