The print icon is identical to the print directly icon. Can I change this?

I use the print icon for printing in general but sometimes I want to send directly to the printer without having to go through the menu.
I put the “Print Document Directly” icon onto the tool bar but its identical to the normal Print icon.

(The icons in Libre Offic 4 were different to each other)

How can I change this?

Perhaps refer the question here? The general answer though is yes, you can change these icons. If necessary extract the required icon from a v4.x install and copy it to the v5.x install location (insert into icon theme zip file if necessary) and then select it via the indicated method.

I read the link suggested by “oweng” at: In which file are the tool bar buttons located?
This gives the method to change the icon.

I got a suitable icon from the internet and reduced the size to 26x26 then saved it as a png file.
Then I used the instructions from the link to “Import” it into Libre Office 5 and swap it for the original icon.

Now I don’t have two identical icons that do different things.

Job done. Catchpole.