In which file are the tool bar buttons located?

addtionnal question: what are extension of button image files?

If you mean the icons:

On Windows: Program_Files\LibreOffice_3.x\share\config\images(_xyz).zip,

unzipped in subfolders: xyz.png.

Or better: What do you want to do? :wink:

You can import an icon via menu "Tools → Customize → Toolbars"

Select the toolbar

Select the command

Click on button "Modify → Change Icon... →"

Click on button "Import..."

Customized toolbars are stored in your LO user profile,

directory "soffice.cfg",

path "...\LibreOffice\3\user\config\soffice.cfg\...".

@manj_k thanks for the information. This is already a part of the solution. The rest I have to do on my own.

To answer your question on what I want to do is simple. There are several icon sets in LibO. I looked all of them and found in each set a bunch of icons very good and some which I did not like so much. Now I want to see if I can create my own set by taken the best (from my point of view) of each of the available sets.

I also created a few icons on my own, but this is a bit cumbersome and there is quite some experience needed.

Do you still have an idea for an alternative approach?

@manj_k I used the method you describe in your answer

You can import an icon via menu “Tools → Customize → Toolbars”

to import icon I created my self.

Is is possible to import also icons from the about 3 icon sets which are coming with LibO? If so that appears to be faster than combining by picking out of one set and adding to another.

@ROSt53: “Is it possible to import also icons from the about 3 icon sets …” — That should work, when you have unzipped a copy of the corresponding "" in a newly created folder of your choice (tested with a single icon only).

@manj_k:Thanks for this great news. I will tackle this topic in the next days