the row's height is not correct

I selected all cells on a worksheet by clicking the gray box beside column A, then adjusted row’s height and column’s width, then I inserted a new row from row 1 and found the height of the new row was not correct, since it still used the original height.


As for your other question the default height depends on the font size defined for the Default cell style.

  1. Display the style window (Sidebar or menu Format or F11)
  2. Display the Cell Styles (default display)
  3. Right click Default Modify


This issue I think that it might not use the default cell style to solve. Since I also did a testing, it’s that If I only adjusted the height for row 2, then I tested two scenarios (1). inserted a new row from row 2, then the new line has the defult height for the new line. (2). inserted a new row from row 3, then the new line has the new height. Adjusting a certain column’s width also has the same issue.

It’s how it works, but you can insert a copy of column(s)/row(s) by:

Select a column(s)/row(s), Ctrl+Alt and without release the keys drag the column(s)/row(s) with the mouse where you like.

Thanks, and actually it’s a blank worksheet, this issue only exists in adding new row from row one, and adding new column from column one doesn’t have this problem. I also tested this situation from ms excel and it doesn’t have this issue.