The short cut keys for changing case do not work

Case change - the short cut keys do not work - alt O T gives Lists, not Text

ALSO: any chance of a dedicated shortcut key like the MS word SHIFT F3 for changing case, please?
It would be a great help for typos involving the shift/ caps lock key.

Oo obliged me with the chance to put a button on a toolbar.



You can also create a toolbar in Libre Office in the same way as Open Office. From the menu select Tools->Customize. On the Toolbars tab, select New to create a custom toolbar (name it maybe ‘Change Case’). Now the Toolbar Content is empty. Select Add button to bring up selections. Select Format in the left pane. Then in the right pane, select ‘lowercase’ , click Add, then select ‘UPPERCASE’, click add, click Close. Now if you want you can change the name displayed for each by selecting a command, click down arrow on Modify and select Rename. Make sure the ‘Save in’ setting is set to your choice - either Libre Office Writer (all LO Writer documents) or xxx selection (current document only). When you are satisfied with the toolbar, click OK and your toolbar should be visible. Your toolbar is also listed on the menu under View->Toolbars.