The words I type are being scrambled in documents

I have a serious problem with the appearance of my documents in LibreOffice writer. Normal keystrokes are scrambled. The commercial at sign (uppercase 2) displays as the special craracter normally meaning section. The double quote marks display as a small circle with a slanted line through it. Often, the copy/paste function results in illegible, overlapping, and scrambled data. I have not found all of the errors, but this problem began about 48 hours ago.

I am using LibreOffice pre-release (x64). I have used it daily for more than 2 or 3 weeks before these glitches developed. How do I fix them?

Just a thought – it is possible that your keyboard layout assignment has been inadvertently changed. Check the task bar at the bottom of your Windows screen for a keyboard icon. Click on it and make sure it is the assignment that you want (e.g. English-USA).