Third party site for extensions downloading and authentication problems

Hi to all,

I developed an extension and want to publish it on my site. I followed the instructions that I’ve found in Examples - Apache OpenOffice Wiki

Everything seems to work fine until I put the file “extension.update.xml” in a site which requires http authentication. When I go to “Extension Manager” and check for updates, Libreoffice pops up an authentication form in which I have to enter the username and password for the http authentication. After that I obtain the following error:

Premature end of data in tag html line 2
Line: 16
Column: 1

This is the content of “extension.update.xml”

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<description xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="">
     <identifier value="it.example.example"/>
     <version value="1.0.0" /> 
          <src xlink:href="" />

The very same file deployed on a site which doesn’t require authentication works correctly.

I’ve also tried a mixed situation which is also working: if I put ‘extension.update.xml’ on a site which doesn’t require authentication, but the link to download the extensions points to a site in which authentication is required, by providing the correct login informations to libreoffice the extension is correctly downloaded.

I’ve tested it with Libreoffice on a Windows 7 machine and with Libreoffice on a Linux box

Do you have any suggestion on how to make autentication work also for the “extension.update.xml” file?

TIA, gtrev

Sorry folks, I made a mistake in the “description.xml” file of my plugin: in the case of the server which requires authentication I wrote the wrong url:

instead of

Changing the url solved my problem